Screen session recording is critical if you want to know what your buyers are seeing and doing prior to buying! You'll be able to watch detailed screen session recordings from every person that buys, as well as doesn't buy your product so you can learn and come up with your next big idea much faster.

1. See a detailed recording of where your potential buyers and non-buyers are exploring on your site. This includes details on the user who visited your site, if they converted, their duration on your site, the device that was used, as well as, when the session was recorded.

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2. See your visitors mouse movements, scrolling and more. Are there certain things on your web page that are causing visitors to take the action you want them to take? Maybe something important is located at the bottom of your page and only those visitors that scroll to the bottom and see it, are the ones that end up buying. Now you can see if they scroll down. What they click on and what they enter into your web page.

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3. Follow visitors throughout your sales funnel. As your visitors land on your web page, you'll be able to not only watch what they do on that initial web page, but you'll be able to follow them throughout your website as they click on different links and visit different pages. The more you can learn about what they visited, saw, read and watched on your website, the better split tests you'll be able to create. The better split tests you create, the more revenue your business will generate.

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4. Point and click sorting and filtering. Not only will you be equipped with thousands of screen session recordings from your visitors, but you'll be able to easily sort and filter all of the important criteria to help you find the most eye opening recordings. The recordings that can help you increase your bottom line. You'll be able to sort and filter by criteria like the time and day the visitor landed on your website, their device, location, the number of web pages they visited, whether they purchased or not, how long they were on your website, and much more.

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